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Alexis Kantor


Alexis Kantor

Alexis Kantor
VP, Apparel & Accessories Product Development, Target, USA


Alexis Kantor is the VP of Apparel and Accessories Product Development and leads a team of over 100 people based in Target Headquarters. The team’s mission is to develop Target’s owned brand products that deliver exceptional guest experiences. Through continuous innovations, technology, research, body size studies, construction standards and in collaboration with our designers, vendors, merchants and sourcing partners, the product development team focuses on ensuring quality, fit, function and value for the guest.

Presenting: A 3D Call to Action - Working Collaboratively for a Better Tomorrow

27 Jun 2016, 02:15

Alexis and Sandra of Target attended and presented at PI Apparel 2015; the presentations, networking and smaller breakout discussions that they attended with other brands left them inspired and excited. But then they returned to their offices and that conversation stopped.

Drawing a parallel with past major movements in areas including safety and sustainability, the Target team see PI Apparel as an opportunity to form a cross-industry coalition: the potential of 3D is huge but without a platform for open conversation and collaboration, how can you expect to develop quick enough to ensure you best benefit from 3D and its promise of improved speed and accuracy, and how can you ensure you avoid unnecessary mistakes?

This session is a Call to Action and will discuss:

  • Where are we missing a trick?
  • What is Target doing today with external parties to better the standardization and development of 3D? How could that be extended?
  • How could we be working together collaboratively to bring about change?
  • What could this kind of conversation and collaboration look like and how would we get around the IP issue?
  • Creating an industry standard metric for 3D
  • What would the role of the vendors and academia be?
  • Making this a reality

3D has the potential to disrupt and transform the fashion industry but today, there is no outlet to facilitate the required conversation. This is a Call to Action - let's collaborate for a better tomorrow!