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Oliver Klinck


Oliver Klinck

Oliver Klinck
Senior Vice President Fashion+Sports, OTTO, Germany


Oliver Klinck is Senior Vice President of Fashion & Sports at Otto (GmbH & Co. KG), a position he has held since July 2013. Otto is one of the largest mail order and e-commerce companies in the world, especially within the fashion/apparel space. In this role, Oliver's specialities include business development, change management and vertical retail. Oliver has held a number of senior level positions within the Otto Group since 2002 where he first started as Director of International Buying. 

Presenting: Supply Chain Optimization & Data Intelligence in Staying One-Step Ahead of Customer Demand

27 Jun 2016, 02:15

Made up of 123 companies and operating across 23 countries, Otto is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. Because of its size and breadth, Otto includes both third-party and private label lines and there is thus added complexity to efficiently coordinate the overall supply chain network. Important to any fashion brand, but more so to those in the expectantly fast mail-order operation, this session will discuss the supply chain optimization strategy being adopted by Otto to maintain its market share.

More specifically: 

  • Why is SCM optimization a massive focus for Otto beyond your broad range offering?
  • How can the assortment offered to the customer be optimized, keeping in mind the need for added products with shorter lifecycles being demanded at lower prices?
  • Starting from the beginning - focussing on the Far East first as the company production centre
  • Understanding the role of data in better managing the 3rd party logistical flow from partners to customers
  • Creating multiple supply chain models to manage product variation but ensuring one common process when dealing with the customer
  • How can data be leveraged across:- the daily business to personalize the assortment offering to the customer- the back-office operation to understand what the right products, right approaches and right prices should be
  • How has BI evolved from its initial use 20 years ago to now and how that impacts market understanding, operations and supply chain response